Monday, February 27, 2012

Android, Battery life

So, I switched to using an Android phone (Samsung Galaxy S Plus).  Good move; I'm always connected, never lost, never bored... and never more than three feet from a power point.  Wow do these 'droids love a steady supply of electrons.  I've got USB charging points at the ready on my desk, in my car, in different rooms in my house.  Even my boat has sprouted DC sockets to support this charging obsession.

Until a few days ago, when my once-permanent state of battery anxiety was cured, overnight, literally.  I first tried, then within 24 hours paid for, Juice Defender.  Don't think of this as an App; think of it as a magical doubling/tripling of your €500 smart phone's battery capacity.  €2 to do that? Absolutely unbelievable value for money.  Just buy it.

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